Business Services

Business Corporate Agents
As business agents we can operate on your behalf to handle your HMRC and Companies House returns and company accounts. We are also able to register your business with Companies House. One service we offer is setting up document templates such as invoices, letterheads and more! Or you may need help creating a company database containing your employee records etc…

We offer a variety of business services, so please so we can discuss your needs and offer a more personalised service.

Retail Services
If your business is in retail we have experience in managing various size newsagent/convenience stores. If you require our assistance we can help to layout your store to a plan moving stock around to increase sales, print POS and carry out stock takes.

We’ll look at your store and come up with the best solution to get more sales from your business. Contact us to discuss your store problems.

Office supplies
Office Supplies make up a large part of your business costs. We have partnerships with many leading wholesalers and we can provide your office supplies at the right price. What’s more we offer various payment plans and account benefits to help your business further.

See a full list of our office supplies and make online orders through our online store. We can serve organisations and institutes such as hospitals, banks, schools & colleges, government offices, retail businesses, airports, etc… Any organisation needing to reduce their office supply costs, why not contact us and see how we can help you! Why not use our form for your next office products order (Opens in MS Word). Or why not visit our online store and place your orders online!

Microsoft Office
If you need help with MS Office then we are the ones to come to! We have over 20+ years using MS Office dating back to Office 95. Office has evolved and is still the Number One program for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. With Office 365 the features included allow users to create more advanced documents. We can offer our support for all Office versions. Make Snake Services your new Office Assistant! (But we understand if you prefer the Paperclip!)